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Corporate merchandise suppliers since 1998. Our regular clients include international companies and household names so you can be confident that you are dealing with a trusted name in the industry. We supply quality merchandise at the best possible prices to ensure you get value for money and the service you deserve. We are proud to be a member of the Australasian Promotional Products Association.

Branded Promotional Products at Remarkable Prices

Welcome to Logopro Promotional Products where you will find the best selection of promotional merchandise and corporate gifts in Australia. We have been printing products with logos for thousands of Australian business owners, companies and institutions since 1998. Here at Logopro we ensure that your branded giveaways are of the highest quality and deliver the correct message across to the right people in style.

We regularly supply to companies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane but with our level of experience and expertise we can probably design, print and deliver your order to anywhere in Australia before your local promotional products supplier. Over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience is a phone call away so why not get Logopro behind your next promotional campaign and get the results you deserve.

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LogoPro is a brand marketing company that promotes and sells promotional products of a variety of brands at the most competitive prices in the market. Logopro has the largest range of products in Australia, LogoPro produces and sells both nationally and internationally with high demand and ranking in the service industry. Affiliated with multiple leading brand names in Australia, we deliver topnotch customized branding services, ensuring unique promotional products that are distinct in style and performance. Our services have enabled us to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Branded Promotional Products at Unbeatable Prices

Welcoming customers to the company and its promotional product companies affiliates, LogoPro has an extensive portfolio of personalized promotional products, where you can browse through one of the best collections of merchandise and corporate gifts in Australia. Since we came into business, we have served many Australian companies by providing customised promotional products imprinted with clear brand logo prints.

We guarantee that our branded products are of the best quality and deliver the intended brand and marketing message to your customers. Many of our biggest buyers are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. However, our services are not limited to these cities alone; we have the expertise to facilitate unique product designing and printing and deliver it out to any other city in Australia as well. Our services are infinitely timely and efficiently than local promotional product suppliers nearby. We take utmost responsibility to live up to our promises and commitments and ensure full customer satisfaction in all our business dealings.

LogoPro's customer service helps you to select the best option and take the right first step. Doing it right the first time is far better than learning after a series of failures. It is worth the time, money, quality, service and ROI for your investment and desired output. With over twenty years of marketing and advertising experience, we are available 24/7 and are just a phone call away to accommodate you and your needs and ideas for promotional campaigns, delivering results far higher than your expectations.

LogoPro is committed to providing the best possible commodities at the best possible prices to ensure full customer satisfaction and reliability. Giving our unceasing effort and determination to establish our name, prestige and reputation among the masses, we have become one of the most sought-after names when it comes to promotional items. LogoPro is committed to maintaining its reputation by providing customers with high-class products and services to boost their company names. In a nutshell, we lending a helping hand to companies in strengthening their brands in the market.

About LogoPro

LogoPro was launched in 1998, a 100% authentic Australian company. Owned and operating within Australia, LogoPro has formed joint venture membership with the APPA, thus giving it more credibility. Since our initiation, we have grown in every aspect, from our range of consumer goods to our customer base to our employment rates. In today’s world, consumers demand wholesale promotional products, which is why we have flourished through our offerings that promise quality, service and money value. With round-the-clock service every day of the week, LogoPro provides useful customer services with a cooperative team that works to make your dreams and ideas come to life. So, whether you’re sure of what you want or need expert help getting there, LogoPro is here to assist you with promotional product ideas. We’re open to discussion and deliberation and offer full team support to help your campaigning and other social events become a success.

Offering a vast range of products that are available through our website, we strive to deliver promotional commodities from all states, regions and cities throughout the continent. Our clients associate our name with quality, value and excellence. With thousands of products to choose from, our customers are able to select their desired product. We are willing to go that extra mile to fulfil your needs and wants. This is proven by the numerous glowing reviews our customers have left us. It is crucial to have a dedicated partner to attain the desired measure of success in promotional campaigns; we promise to play that role with utmost dedication. It is our role to get the job done, so trust us as your brand designer!

Our services are designed such that customers have had immense pleasure working with us. They find our services timely and professional. Merchandise received is top-notch and shipping is hassle-free. Furthermore, we don’t charge for delivery within Australia, which is an added incentive to hire our services. Companies that have switched their previous suppliers due to excessive prices and low quality services today claim that buying from LogoPro has been one of their best decisions. It could be yours too! As the Number One brand supplying branded promotional products, LogoPro also provides you fast emergency services to deliver your merchandise in the nick of time with unbeatable prices and swiftness. We strive to provide outstanding standards and expertise that are highly maintained in the industry. The product items have been easily classified online into categories to quickly find what you’re looking for. LogoPro strives to maximize your brand exposure by offering a great variety of business promotional products such as clothing, headwear, drinkware/foodware, bags and conference, technology and environmental goods, desktop accessories and key rings, toys and games, home and living items, sports and leisure, health and personal items, writing, auto and other tools and equipment.

Why opt for Custom Branded Products?

Most of the custom promotional products and items are inclusive and are highly in demand irrespective of the intended target market. These products include promotional pens, mugs, USB drives and umbrellas. However, these are just basics; other industry specific products are also available with ample variety according to specific industries. For example, foldable toothbrushes are in high demand in the dental industry, divot repair key rings for golf enthusiasts, scale rulers for architects and lots of other Australian product ranges.

More popularly known as our ‘Australiana’ range, these items are particularly popular in the schooling, charitable (Non-profit organizations) as well as profit-based firms that take part in Australia day and other national holidays and celebrations. Other than that, LogoPro also offers a wide range of corporate promotional products such as corporate apparel and office items that make for wonderful corporate gifts and are ideal giveaways for tradeshows and expo events. Dedicating an individual page to cater to the high popularity Australian promotional presents, logos of all sorts with personalized messages can be custom-made on just about anything. Seriously, you name it! Other than that, if customers have any ideas that are creative and out of the box, we are open to ideas and suggestions and are happy to source them for the masses.  

Lowest Prices for the Best Products

Lowest and the most competitive pricing, the company’s strategies have truly set it apart from other ordinary suppliers. We have the knowhow and understanding of the dos and don’ts and give the required detail and attention to make things perfect. We understand the importance of company brand, image and reputation and therefore supply only the best quality merchandise at the most competitive promotional product pricing you will find! It is both our duty and our pleasure to produce and deliver top standard, because that is our standard. So whether it’s for brand awareness, staffing incentives or just to boost sales and profits, we will provide you with long-term exposure in the most budget-friendly way possible. It is truly up to you to allow LogoPro Australia to be your branding company. Make the right choice; choose LogoPro so your work is in the hands of professionals who will give you the step-by-step guidance to opening new doors for your firm. LogoPro is not just your service provider, but also your team!

LogoPro Staff

Our professional team consists of specialists who are professionally trained to produce and deliver custom, corporate, business, personalized, branded and wholesale promotional products. With specialized training programs to polish the knowledge and skills of our staff, each member upon duration completion becomes a printing, marketing and advertising expert to cater to your wishes. These specialists and thoroughly trained individuals have an extensive repertoire of skills and capabilities of their field. They are experienced and well equipped to assist you with your ideas and campaigns of any level with utmost care and attention. So whether you require help for a little minor project or a grand scale high priority one, our staff is sure to get the job done with ease and convenience. Not only this, but they are all very friendly, approachable and obliging with personal traits and qualities that centre around providing VIP treatment and service to our esteemed clients.

Furthermore, our staff has been grouped and situated within the management hierarchy from top to mid-level so that each individual operates in their special designation and department. They are always up-to-date with their existing skills and continually upgrade technology, business techniques, styles and trends to have it all in their grasp. With their extensive training programs and workshops they have also had the opportunity to meet and engage with some of the world’s best marketing and advertising agents that have allowed them the opportunity to take on professional projects not just in Australia but across the globe. These countries include the USA, South America, Columbia, Indonesia, Asia, Africa and Europe. LogoPro has it all to take your company or organization to the next level.

LogoPro Philosophy

LogoPro is fully dedicated to providing you expert assistance and guidance on all your matters. With proper process inductions to plan, organize, lead and execute your ideas to the final product, we make sure to keep you involved every step of the way. We give constant follow-ups, outlines and recommendations and you retain the final say in the matter. Our team is prepared to accommodate you whatever your needs and desires; all you need to do is point us in the desired direction so we help you reach your final destination. With our team on your side, your firm and organization is sure to lead to success and beat all other competitors in the market. Again, that is only possible if you make the right choice and choose LogoPro as your branding company in order to reach to the top of the product chain.

As stated in our company and mission statement, LogoPro wants to be your tool to succession and your loyalty brand not just for the present, but also for years to come. Unlike other agents, we don’t make it habit to convey half-truths and empty promises; we only commit to what we live up to and what we say is what we mean. Take our word for it. We wish to build long-term relationships on understanding, trust and most importantly loyalty. We also promise quality results, reliability and speciality for all your merchandise printing and delivery.

Our mission, goal and philosophy is to fulfil your demands and desires while placing your loyalty and trust in us. Our firm serves to take your firm to the next level without any shortcuts and low standard services. We do not just verbally promise but live it up by never breaking it. Our platform is only available to cater to your wishes and solely exists to provide this service else why would we even be here? We are here for you, so be wise and make the most of it.

From any length or to any level, we will overcome every hurdle and obstacle that barriers us from reaching the goals and ambitions you came to us with. Nor do we back off or fear challenges and complications, as we are trained and experienced enough to provide workable solutions to resolve whatever comes our way. Few brand marketing companies can offer such a vast range of services and facilities at such an affordable pricetag. Our brand and our offerings may seem too good to be true but they really are! You’ll only believe it once you experience our service for yourself, so pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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Delivery Australia Wide

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Logopro Promotional Products

Logopro Promotional Products

Branded Promotional Products at Remarkable Prices

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